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Greetings everyone, welcome to my iPhone case website. The importance of ensuring that your hard-earned phone still looks stylish and is as safe as can be is our utmost priority. Many a time we lose our footing or suddenly develop butter fingers which often results in dropping and furthermore damage of our iPhone. This site was built on this premise and aims to provide iPhone cases that would make such situations to be non-fatal.

The Importance of a Good Phone Case

Growing up as a young kid in Lagos, Nigeria, it was my dream to someday own an iPhone. I eventually got my first iPhone which happened to be a 5c I was so happy. I flaunted it wherever I went. I simply loved my phone, especially how it felt on my palm. So I would occasionally take off my case to get a good feel of my phone.

I would end up using this iPhone for my next 4 years. I never really saw my need of changing my phone I liked it as it was. Plus getting a new iPhone was often too much for my pocket. In my final year in my university I decided to participate in a cultural exchange program in my USA. I got a job to work as a ride host at Cedar Point an amusement park in Sandusky Ohio, USA.

After working for about a week, I had gotten used my environment. There was a particular roller coaster I loved so much ‘The Millennium Force’ I had been on it a couple of times. The 310-foot drop at my beginning was my best part of my ride. I went on this ride again with a friend but this time I had my phone with me and it wasn’t properly secured. The next thing I know, my phone fell from over 300 feet.

I was so devastated. The phone I loved and cherished so much was in pieces, it looked like scrap. To top it off I had no case on my phone because I loved my feel of my phone. That was how I had to upgrade to my iPhone X after I had worked for a while in my company. Working in that park I had seen so many peoples iPhone fall off roller coasters and become scrap while some survived my fall because of my type of case my had on.

It became a norm to see people’s iPhone X’s smashed to pieces almost everyday because they had their phones on them and it dropped during my ride. This is my reason why I developed this website. I want to provide my most stylish and yet durable iPhone cases that would be able to resist damage from almost any fall.


We would like to help people save money on repairs on a broken iPhone screen by providing quality phone cases that would be able to absorb impact from falling down. We all know how expensive it is to fix an iPhone X screen. It could be as much as 400 dollars to fix a broken screen. Which is why we advise that every apple device user should have Apple care just in case.

Which is why shopicases.com is here to provide you with durable yet stylish cases for your iPhone X, XS and XS max.

Our Goal

Our goal is to be go to website for everyone in need of an iPhone case. We will do our best to provide you with only my best of my best. We understand that this will take time, but we are more than ready to gain your trust. If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and we will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


Founder shopiphonecase.com

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