Difference Between iPhone X and XS – Why You Should Upgrade.

Good day everyone, so today we are going to be taking a breather on cases and be talking about the difference between the iPhone X and XS. Even though we are all about protecting your device with durable cases here at shopiphonecase.com, we also understand that its important to talk about the features and functionalities of your iPhone as well. This is to give you an understanding on what exactly you are buying (if you do not own one of these) and why it costs as much as it does.

The differences between these two devices may not be as pronounced like when comparing the iPhone 8 to the X but still there are still some significant differences between the two. Hopefully this will help you decide if its worth upgrading to an XS or not

Without further a do, lets jump into the differences between the iPhone x and the iPhone XS.

1. Wallpaper: Can you tell if the above device is an iPhone X or XS ? its pretty difficult right ? This is because the iPhone X and XS look very similar with very little external difference. Although a number of you might have figured out that this is an iPhone X because of the live wallpaper that is set as the phones home screen.

The iPhone XS comes with 3 live planet photos which is fewer when compared to the iPhone x which has triple that number already pre installed in the device.

2. Display: Although both devices have a 5.8 inch OLED edge to edge display. Your photos are guaranteed to look better with the new super retina display which has 60% greater dynamic range over the iPhone X. Overall the new display on the iPhone XS guarantees better richer colors as well as better low light performance with its true tone capabilities.

3. Color and Capacity: If you really want to people to know you’re rocking an iPhone XS and not an X get it in Gold. This is because the iPhone X does not come in Gold but rather comes only in space gray and silver. If you however prefer the XS in space gray or silver then be my guest, those options available as well.

Apple added the 512gb capacity option on the iPhone XS, this would be helpful to those individuals that like to keep a lot of content on their device. The iPhone X however only offers two storage capacities (64gb and 256gb)

Personally I would have loved it if the iphone XS came with the 128gb option. it would have been my choice because its right there in the middle not too small and not too big.

4. Camera: The iPhone XS and the X both have a 7 mega pixel front facing camera and a 12 mega pixel dual rear camera. However, there are some notable differences in these cameras. The iPhone XS camera has zero shutter lag and it comes with a new and improved portrait mode that allows users to be able to adjust the aperture (bokeh) at the background until users are satisfied with their photo. This feature can be done using both the front and rear camera and this cannot be done with the iPhone X.

Another notable addition that the iPhone XS camera posses is Facial Land marking. This smart feature allows the camera to track its users face accurately and by so doing helps in reducing red eye occurrence in photos.

Also, the rear camera on the iPhone XS is slightly larger than the iPhone X. This is noticed when you try to fit an iPhone XS into an iPhone X case. Depending on the case you have, the iPhone X rear camera will usually have a little bit of breathing space while in the case however, when the iPhone XS is put in the same case it would be more snug or would be misaligned.

Furthermore, the iPhone XS gets you 60fps at 1080p on while you get 30fps at 1080p on the iPhone X. Coupled with the fact that the iPhone XS uses machine learning to enhance photos, the pixels on the XS have gotten larger consequentially making it do better in low lighting or at night when compared to its predecessor.

Overall its safe to say that you get a way better camera with the iPhone Xs.

5. Processor: The iPhone XS comes in with a monster of a processor in the A12 bionic chip. This is a hexacore 7 nanometer chip that was advertised to make application launching 30% faster. To explain more in detail this hexacore chip has 2 high performance cores which have been increased by 15% and 4 low efficiency cores which have been made more efficient by about 40%.

This is a massive upgrade when compared to the iPhone X A11 12 nanometer chip. So what does this new upgrade bring to the table? All these means that your applications will launch and run much faster and it also ensures less battery consumption.

However, when we put all of this to the test you can hardly tell the difference between both iPhones mostly in terms of speed.

6. Water Resistance: The iPhone XS has an upgraded water resistance with IP68 rating, giving its users 2 meters water resistance for up to 30 minutes. This is a step up to the iPhone X IP67 rating which constitutes a meter water resistance with 30 minutes protection.

7. Face ID: On the iPhone XS Face ID is powered by the True Depth camera, and Apple says it has faster algorithms (your device will unlock faster) and guarantees better security on your device than the previous iPhone X model.

The true depth camera in the front of the camera also allows the user to take selfie portrait pictures of which the bokeh can be adjusted to its users taste. However, I have noticed that when you put the two phone models side by side and test how fast they unlock, it does not look like there’s that much of a difference.

8. Dual Sim Capacity: The iPhone XS has a dual sim capacity, it gives its users the capability of having both a nano sim and an e-sim. Essentially you get two different numbers on one device. Models were also made to allow its user put two sim cards into the sim tray as well. The iPhone X however only has capacity for one nano sim.

9. Battery Life: The introduction of the A12 bionic chip brings prolonged battery life on the iPhone XS. The A12 bionic chip gives  its users up to 30 minutes extra juice. The iphone X also has a great battery life dont get me wrong, it can typically go throughout the day without charging but those extra 30 minutes can be an added advantage depending on how often you use your device.

There you have it guys, the differences between the iPhone X and XS. Are these relatively little incremental upgrades worth upgrading from the iPhone X to the XS? Let me know down in the comments section what you think. I personally would say if you own an iPhone 7 or 8 then its worth the upgrade but I wouldn’t trade my iPhone X for an XS that’s just my opinion let me know yours.

Thanks again guys, peace!

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  1. You are right about the look of the two phones – I really don’t think I’d be able to tell the difference between the two if I saw them. I am interested in the upgrade though as I am struggling with storage space on the X at the moment – I like to take a lot of photographs. 

    Overall – do you really feel that the upgrade between the two is worth the price, or do you feel a customer can get by with just the X easily enough?

    1. Hey Chris, the iphone xs would make you love photos even more with its better display and new camera functionalities. Theres also the 512gb capacity that can help you store up to 200,000 photos on your device as well. Overall i feel if you have the X you might not necesarily need to upgrade to an XS because it dosent really feel like that much of an upgrade. it just has some incremental advantages here and there. But hey, if you want more storage and better photos then you can consider getting it.   

  2. Thank you for pointing out the subtle differences between the two phones. I never really knew about higher quality camera resolution, water resistant levels, or battery life extensions between these two phones. 

    Unfortunately I am not in a position to upgrade at the current moment but I am definitely going to check back on this site when Apple releases their new line of iPhones. I can’t wait to see how far Apple will go with the new iPhones this year.  Keep up the good work.

    1. Hey Jessie, I will do my best to continue to keep you updated on Apple’s new iPhones. Thanks also for your support.

  3. When buying a phone I tend to focus on three things than the rest, and thus, storage, battery, and camera. When a smartphone ticks these three boxes for me, then I am impressed. The iPhone XS is one of such phones. Currently, my gear is Galaxy Note 8 and I am considering an upgrade to iPhone this coming February, I definitely want to get my hands on an iPhone XS, its a beast

    Thank you so much for a great article, really enjoyed going through it

  4. Thank you for the comparison. I have an older iphone SE and been thinking of an upgrade. I am considering an upgrade because the SE is such a small phone. Its screen size is 4 inches compared to the X/XS 5.8-inch screen. As you indicate the differences between the X and XS is incremental, it appears the difference between the SE and X would be monumental. 

    1. Hey Glen,  there is a plethora of differences between the SE and the X or XS, the screen type and size being one of them. Upgrading to any of these devices is guaranteed to be worthwhile as their functionalities are second to none.

  5. Hi, I got a gift of iPhone X and I found it is great for all of it’s feature but my friend has iPhone XS model version and I found all text and pixel are perfect in his mobile. I have another Nokia mobile for dual sims and other ordinary works. So I am not changing or upgrading it until it is too old for me. I believe your article is very helpful for all of my friends who changes their mobile for newer version. I am going to refer them this article. Thanks for sharing helpful tips in this article.

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