Best Clear Cases For The iPhone XS Max – Let’s Settle The Debate

Hello everyone, hope we are all having a wonderful festive season. Today we are going to be reviewing some more cases!. This time around we will be discussing the must have clear cases for the iPhone XS MAX. There are so many clear cases out there, but which of them are the must haves, the best of the best with good authentic quality, design and protection.

Perhaps you are looking for an appropriate gift for a friend or a spouse, we’ve got you covered as these cases are sure to turn heads and bring a smile to whomever. Our iphones are beautiful and mean a lot to us, but who says we have to forgo its beauty for protection. You can get the best of both worlds (beauty and protection) if you choose to purchase any of the cases in this post.

Without further a do lets settle the debate on the best clear cases for the  iPhone XS max.

Tech 21-Pure Clear Case

Tech 21 is a reputable and very popular company in the phone accessories industry. Their passion for making stunning yet protective cases has made them one of the more popular choices for many people.

Tech 21’s Pure Cear Case makes our list for being crystal clear and for being very protective. This awesome thin clear case is made with poly carbonate material on the outside and is fused with ‘Bulletshield’ material. This makeup contributes in giving the case its 10 feet drop protection. It is worth pointing out that the bullet proof material gives the case its protective edge by allowing for shock dispersion from slips and falls.

The case has raised bezels to protect your front screen and it has an anti yellowing UV coating that helps prevent yellowing, which is common with some clear cases. Some other noteworthy characteristics that the case has is its limited lifetime warranty and its ability to support wireless charging.

The Tech 21 pure clear case does a great job in showing off the iPhone. Tech 21 make really good products, I have used them in the past and I highly recommend them.

Incipio Reprieve (Sport)

Often times people purchase a certain color iPhone because they love how it’s finished. The Incipio Reprieve sport helps to offer protection to your smartphone while also showing off its nice color finish.

This durable case is made with a rubber TPU material on its sides which is manufactured to have an anti slip finish because of the grooves that are cut out on its sides. This aids in making the case very grippy. The corners of the case have an extra layer of reinforced shock dispersing rubber which gives more protection and contributes to the case’s 12 feet drop protection. This also helps with impact resistance and shock absorption upon impact.

The back of the case is made with a poly carbonate thick shell that is specially made to be UV protected. This allows the case to maintain its clear finish and to do away with color distortions or yellowing. The case is also scratch resistant which is an added bonus! Nobody wants a case with numerous lines at the back.

The case has raised bezels which help in protecting the rear camera and the front screen effectively. A screen protector can be an added to the front or rear of the iPhone for even more protection.

It should be noted that this model (Emberglow) is not crystal clear like the tech 21 but more of a hazy clear finish. I believe this helps to do away with fingerprints on the back of the phone. The case also comes in pure clear and a black finish if you’d rather prefer one of those. It has a years warranty and it also supports wireless charging.

The Incipio reprive sport case has pretty much everything you’d need in a case, so why not take action and get one today.

X- Doria Defense Shield

X- Doria is a California based phone accessory company whose mission is to create products that look and feel as good as the product they protect. The X- Doria defense Shield case does justice to their goals as this in my opinion is one of the best clear iPhone XS max cases that you can get.

This futuristic looking case is made with a clear poly carbonate shell at the back and the boarders of the phone are lined with a heavy-duty blue and greenish aluminum band. This gives the phone its durable yet stylish qualities. Also, because of this feature the case is guaranteed to survive 10 feet drops on concrete and it exceeds military standards for drops.

The inside of the case however is made with a soft rubber TPU material which also comprises a bubble texture material that helps with shock dispersion and distribution. It also helps make sure that your phone is nice and snug.

A unique feature of this case is that it redirects one of the speakers to the front in order to enhance sound quality and experience. It works really well. The case also has raised bezels to protect the front screen and rear camera from scratches and falls.

The X- Doria defense shield offers a limited lifetime warranty and it is also compatible with wireless charging. This phone case is definitely a hit. Its unique style and properties are sure to make you envied by your peers.

Ringke Fusion-X Case

Ringke Fusion-X is an attractive sleek lightweight yet durable case that is guaranteed to give its users 100% satisfaction. This case is relatively cheaper compared to some big names in the market, but it still does a great job in protecting as well as showing off Apples signature product.

The ‘X’ looking designed shape case is made out of a clear poly carbonate shell at the back. Ringke also adopted an Anti-cling dot technology at the back of the case which helps prevent watermarks/rainbow effects. This effect usually occurs when your phone comes in contact with the case. This is a common snag with some clear phone cases, however Ringke have addressed this issue in their X-fusion series. Looking close enough under good lighting users, would be able to see the dots at the back of the case.

The sides of the case are made out of a sturdy rubberized TPU material that will help in absorbing and dispersing shock. It is also worth mentioning that this case is very grippy and it has military grade drop protection. The built in lanyard hole that allows its user to attach wrist or neck straps is also a unique feature that this case has.

Although the case is thin and lightweight it still offers sufficient lip that will help in protecting the front screen and rear camera from scratches. Although we advise purchasing a screen protector for even better protection! Better safe than sorry. This case also supports wireless charging.

The Ringke Fusion- X case comes in an eco-friendly packaging and can be gotten in 3 different color variations (Ruby Red, Black and Navy ). Overall I believe the Ringke Fusion -X case is a great product and would be an awesome addition to your smartphone.

Speck Presidio V-Grip

The Speck Presidio V-Grip also makes our list for being one of the best clear cases for the iPhone XS Max. This product, like Ringke Fusion-X case is very grippy which would be more than helpful to iPhone users who have butter fingers. Other than being very grippy the case does not fall short of being is a sight for sore eyes.

This beautiful case is made with a crystal clear poly carbonate shell at its back which has a scratch resistant finish. So this case is scratch proof. The design of the case also helps prevent scratches on the case also because when you face your phone on a table it rests on the rubber material and not on the clear back area. Meanwhile, the sides of the case is made with a rubber material.

This case offers its users 10 feet of drop protection, this is made possible primarily because of the Impactium material located inward at the perimeter of the case which helps in shock distribution and dispersion. It also has raised bezels which would help in prevent your front screen and rear camera from shattering upon impact during the event of slips and falls.

This stylish yet protective case comes in a variety of colors on its sides (Black, Gold Glitter, Caribbean Blue). This product supports wireless charging and it offers a lifetime warranty to its users according to their website.

Griffin Survivor Clear Case

Once again a product of griffin technology makes our list! The Griffin Survivor Strong Case had made our list for most durable cases for the iPhone XS max. However, today we will be reviewing Griffin’s clear case.

The Griffin survivor clear case definitely fits the role of a go to case for showcasing the beauty of the iPhone while also not compromising on protection. This clear case is light and does not add extra bulk to your phone.

This thin lightweight case is made with poly carbonate thick shelling and rubber TPU material. It is manufactured to resist grease, dirt and scratches with the aid of griffins special formula ( according to their website).

In a bid to elaborate on just how scratch proof this case is, According to Griffins website an industry standard scratch resistance test was conducted on this case. The case was rated 6H making it one of the most scratch resistant cases in the market.

This case gives its users drop protection from 4 feet (1.2 meters) which meets military standards for drop tests. It also supports wireless charging. It also gives its users a years warranty.

Although this case may not have as much drop protection as the others listed in this review, it still has a sufficient amount of it. It is also a clear case that is guaranteed to remain clear with griffins special formula. So if you’re looking for a case that is guaranteed to show of the aesthetics of your smartphone with sufficient protection then the Griffin Survivor Clear Case is all you need.

Also, the reason why I chose to review this case and not the Griffin strong or endurance case is because this case is significantly lighter and still offers the much-needed protection for your phone. It also scratch proof. The griffin strong case is also a very good protective case but will add some bulk to your phone but it is more protective than the survivor clear case.

You are free to decide which attribute is more important to you so that you can purchase accordingly.

some of the links within this posts are affiliate links of which i receive a small compensation from sales of certain items.

Which Do You Prefer

There you have it guys, the best clear cases for the iPhone XS max. I believe that our list contains a case that would suit the style of every iPhone XS max user. Let us know down in the comments which of these you prefer and also if you feel that there should have been a case that should have made our list.

Thank you and have an awesome festive season.

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  1. Great Article on phone cases!

    I currently do not have an Iphone but I must say, for Iphone users, your article is very informative for anyone looking for a high quality case with added protection to their phone.

    Great job and keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you keisha.

  2. I particularly like the tech 21 clear case…..I received a case for Christmas, which is OK, so, in interest of not offending the gift giver, I’ll have to use it for at least a while, then I’ll come back to you about purchasing the tech 21 case. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for this review of these awesome cases. If it were me, I agree with you that the X-Doria Defense Shield would be the way to go. It’s got a nice look and the much needed protection I would be looking for. My only issue with clear cases is the amount of dust and dirt they might show as it gets inside the case. What, in your opinion, is the best method for cleaning the cases?

    1. Hey Steve, I am a big fan of the X-Doria Defense Shield also I like how they redirect one of the speakers to improve sound quality. As it pertains to your question on the best way to clean a clear case, you can wash it in  some water and dish wash then rinse it out, then clean with a micro fiber cloth.

  4. I must say that I found your article to be very helpful as I get an iPhone Xmas as a gift for the New Year and this topic is for me. I would choose a Griffin Survivor case for my phone but just like you said, it’s not that protective especially if I am a person who “likes|” to drop off things. I will definitely order Speck Presidio.

    1. Both the Speck Presidio and Griffin Survivor Clear case are really good cases. I am pretty sure you’d still be good with the Griffin survior clear case but if you’re looking for a liitle more protection then you can go for their Endurance or Strong models if you’re a Griffin fan. 

  5. I must say that your review of iphone clear cases helps alot. I have always despised the clear cases that after being used for a short time turns yellow.  It is a relief to know that there are cases which do not. I like the X-Doria Defense Sheild, it looks lit and elegent.  

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