Best Cases For The iPhone XS – We’ve Checked All Boxes

So, you just upgraded to the iPhone XS, What comes next? A nice case of course that would compliment and safeguard your expensive smartphone. Even though Apple advertised the iPhone XS to have the strongest glass ever on an iPhone, this device is still susceptible to cracks and scuffing on accidental slips and falls from certain heights and angles. Hence, the iPhone XS is not indestructible.

This is the premise of this post. We have done the hard work and have been able to sift through the myriad of cases’ out there and have been able to discuss in detail the best cases’ for the iPhone XS. These cases’ check off all the boxes (attractive,durability,lifetime warranty, etc)

Let’s get right into things. Here are the best cases’ for the iPhone XS.

RhinoShield MOD NX

The RhinoShield Mod NX sets the ball rolling for our best cases’ for the iPhone XS. This specific case is one of RhinoShield’s more recent cases’ and is an upgrade of the CrashGuard series. RhinoShield is well-known for their drop protection and the MOD NX is not an exception with its 11 feet (3.5 meter) drop protection.

The MOD NX is made with a rubber material along with RhinoShield’s signature “Shockspread” material that aids in dispersing and dissipating shock upon impact. Inside the box is a bumper case, rim, and a clear back plate.

This case has raised bezels that is guaranteed to safeguard your front screen and a clear back plate that will do the same on the rear end of your device. Your rear camera is not left out as it also has sufficient bezel protection. The MOD NX is also wireless charging compatible.

As far as makeup of the case goes, this is a customizable bumper case and as such users can mix and match different color buttons, rims and back plates to their satisfaction upon buying the needed extra accessories. I personally like to match my MOD NX case with my Apple Watch, its pretty cool.

One really nice feature that I cannot get enough of is that the buttons are very clicky unlike the usual buttons that are fused with the case, the MOD NX is not which gives it its super clicky capabilities. Also, if you are in to photography, you will love the fact that this case is compatible with RhinoShields Add on lenses!. The camera on the iPhone is pretty good but it can be taken a step further with RhinoShields add on lenses.

The Rhinoshield MOD NX qualifies for the Rhinoshield’s lifetime replacement program. Your iPhone XS will definitely be in good hands should you choose to buy this case. Purchase can be done from here on amazon with free shipping!.

MOUS Limitless 2.0 Case

The Mous Limitless 2.0 case might just be the number one toughest case out there for the iPhone XS. Mous is so confident in their products durability that they allow YouTubers and just about anyone to put their product to the test. I saw a couple of videos but this one really stood out to me.

It was Mous’s goal to produce a slim lightweight case that is super protective and they have been able to achieve that in the Mous Limitless 2.0 series.

This Tough case comes in 5 finishes (bamboo, leather, shell, carbon fiber and walnut) all of which are authentic and one of which is definitely capable of catching the eye of any consumer.

So, what gives this case its rugged qualities? This Mous case is lined with the company’s trademark technology “Airoshock.” This is a resistant material that contains air pockets and cross-linking polymer chains that works like a spring. It helps in absorbing impact and overall does a good job in safeguarding the iPhone.

Also, another thing that contributes to this cases’ durability is the fact that the case is very snug and comes with a tripled layer screen protector. This plays a huge role as the cases’ bezels are not raised all the way round but only significantly at the top and bottom ends.

Although this case has magnets on its back that allows users to attach accessories like the limitless 2.0 card wallet or flex mount, it is still capable of undergoing wireless charging which is pretty cool.

Furthermore, this product gives its users a limited lifetime warranty, meaning Mous can replace your case if it’s damaged. Join the bandwagon today and get yourself a Mous case from Amazon.

UAG Monarch Series Case

Urban Armour Gear (UAG) is one of the more famous brands that make cases’ for the iPhone. They are known for making tough cases’ that have a sturdy design and are capable of surviving just about anything. Their Monarch Series case makes our list today as one of the best cases’ for the iPhone XS.

Urban Armour Gear’s Monarch case is a slim profile case that is made with three materials (polycarbonate, rubber and top-grain leather). The sides of the case have a honeycomb cutout that helps improve grip. Alloy metal screws at the corners and the polycarbonate branded frame at the back gives it that nice sturdy look.

This case has 2x military standard for drop testing. Just in case you are wondering, the military standard for drop testing is 26, 4 foot drops with the phone inside the case. So this case was able to survive 52, 4-foot drops which is pretty cool. The cases’ reinforced edges and raised bezels contribute to this functionality.

A 10-year warranty is given to users of this case in the event where the case is found to be dysfunctional which hardly ever happens. The rubber skid pads on the corners of the case help to prevent scratching on the carbon fiber back.

The UAG monarch series comes in a variety of colors (white, crimson, carbon fiber, platinum and graphite) and they are all compatible with wireless charging. Why not go ahead and purchase your UAG Monarch case from Amazon and give your phone its much-needed protection.

Caseology Skyfall Case

We now bring Caseology’s skyfall series case to the fore. This is a fairly slim case that is guaranteed to not add much bulk to your device This happens to be a two-part case, which implies that it is made up of a poly carbonate thick bumper and an acrylic finished TPU material that is designed to resist scratches.

Caseology’s Skyfall case comes in three different colors (silver,gold and black). The gold finish looks absolutely stunning on the unique gold iPhone XS. The fact that you get a darker toned gold finish helps to accentuate your devices gold finish making it more prominent as it shines through the crystal clear back plate.

This case has been drop tested to military standard. Its shock absorbing corners help attain this feat by preventing your phone from cracking and scuffing in the event of a slip and fall. It also has sufficient lip on the front to prevent your screen from cracking but we do advice to have a screen protector on. Although this case is nice and snug you can never be too safe (check out my review on best iPhone screen protectors for some help.)

The double lens 12MP camera at the rear also has sufficient lip action to prevent scratching and shattering. This case is also wireless charging compatible.

Caseology offers its users a limited lifetime warranty which is amazing when you look at how affordable these cases’ are! Its safe to say that Caselogogy have lived up to their reputation of providing quality and premium products at an affordable price.

Get your Caseology Skyfall case directly from Amazon now!.

Casemate Twinkle Case

Here’s a case that I’m sure all my lady friends will love. The Casemate Twinkle Case will have your iPhone XS looking like a million bucks and its guaranteed to make you envied by your peers.

The Casemate Twinkle Case is a two-piece case. Your iPhone goes into the rubber bumper first and then subsequently into the thick polycarbonate shell. The polycarbonate shelling has iridescent glitter foil suspended in its back which gives it its twinkle or shiny finish.

If you are looking for a case that is grippy, stylish, and very protective then the Casemate Twinkle case might just be for you. It offers its users military-grade protection and can survive drops from as high as 10 feet!. Its tight-fitting characteristic also contributes to the cases’ durability. It is also worth mentioning that the case has metallic buttons which are very clicky.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about scratches when using this case as the iridescent finish on the cases’ back is made to be scratch resistant with Casemate’s scratch resistant technology. Also, its iridescent finish does not obstruct wireless charging.

Casemate also offers its users a limited lifetime warranty should any mishap happen to your case. The Casemate Twinkle case brings beauty and brawn to the table. And also, to be honest, the picture on here does not really do justice to how the case looks. It has to be seen for real to be truly appreciated. So why not take action and get something unique with a bit of sparkle today. Order yours now from Amazon now!

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Closing Remarks

There you have it guys! 5 top quality cases’ that are in my opinion, the best cases’ out there for the iPhone XS. I believe that there is a case on this list that will suit the lifestyle of any iPhone XS user. My personal favorite on this list is the Mous Limitless 2.0 case. Let me know in the comments which is your favorite case here or if you feel that a case should have made this list!

Thanks guys for taking the time to read, I hope I have been of assistance to you.

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  1. Good day,

    I love Apple products and it is obvious that they are the rave of the moment in terms of technological devices, the iOS is super rated. Thank you for prescribing various cases for the iPhone XS. The Mous limitless case seems indestructible and as such would be a perfect fit for me. However, your article did not mention the prices of all these case and can you please give us the links to purchase them online or from any offline store. Thank you for suggesting different cases with different features. One of all of these is guaranteed to be a fit for any iPhone user. 

    1. Hello Olatoye, the Mous limitless case is definitely a beast of case! It’s super durable and stylish characteristics make it one of my personal favorite cases. If you wish to know about the prices or you want to purchase any of the cases on this post simply click on the photo of the case you are interested in or click on the links that are highlighted in blue,you will be redirected to Amazon.  This will help you get the current prices so you can make a purchase.

  2. I believe phones cases always add to the beauty of every phone when used, they also protect the phones as well. I love the casemate twinkle case, so beautiful outside , its features and durability is another good thing to go for, getting such an expensive phone as iPhone XS, one would definitely need this to ensure it’s secure. Thanks for this article 

    1. Hey Sandra, thanks for visiting. The twinkle case is a case  that is guaranteed to have you phone secure without compromising on aesthetics. I’m glad you like it.

  3. Right from the get-go the first option has gotten my attention with over 3 metre drop protection and the phone is till protected – that’s pretty impressive!.I like the idea of the rubber bumper casing as that will cushion it when dropped and prevent it from breaking and splitting open.I like the natural materials used in the second option, it makes their cases unique.This would definitely go the list as an option for me especially because of their lifetime warranty.The third option is quite robust and that would do well with those who are on construction sites all day everyday.My only hesitancy is that of causing the device to heat up with an extra covering on it. I know this was the case with my Android Tablet.Perhaps you could elaborate more on how these cases would affect the performance of the device.

    1. Hello, if you notice that your phone is heating up then you should know that it’s not a function of the phone but rather the case. You might have too many apps open in the background. Closing all these apps can help solve this issue. Also you can make your way to the settings application and then go to battery and see what apps are consuming the most of your phones battery. If an app you hardly use is consuming 50% of your battery then you’d want to either update this app or delete it altogether as this could be the reason why your phone is over heating. P.s I’m talking based on how these cases may affect performance on the iPhone and not an android device so these solutions may differ on an android device. I hope I have been able to help you in someway.

  4. I only have the iPhone 8, but I do love the Rhino Shield.  Do you know if they make a case for my phone?  I have the one with the larger screen.  I just couldn’t see forking out the extra monthly for the XS.  But I am in need of a good case for it.  I would really like a wallet case.  Any recommendations?

    1. Rhinoshield makes cases for the iPhone 8 as well. If you would like to purchase the MOD NX for your device you can simply click this link. As it pertains to wallet cases you might want to bookmark this site because I will be doing a review on those very soon. 

  5. These look great! My dad just got the iPhone XS and I know he needs a new case, so I’ll pass this along to him. He is 66 and gets frustrated easily. Is there one that comes on and off easily? I’m thinking the UAG looks the best for him if it’s pretty easy to put on and take off so I don’t have to do it for him all the time. Heh! Thanks for the detailed reviews on these cases. It’s so hard to find a good one sometimes. I’m in the market for one myself, but I’m still using the 8+. Do you have any articles on iPhone 8+ cases?

    1. Hello, Holly the UAG monarch series is a good choice for your dad. The case is not super tight fitting so putting the phone in the case will be super easy. To remove the case just start on one corner and push outwards. In contrast, I would say the twinkle case would be the hardest to remove here because it is super tight fitting. Right now i do not reviews on cases for 8+ but i’m sure i will do so sonner or later. You can bookmark this site and check back on a later date. 

  6. Great post and good info.

    My wife bought an iPhone XS during the black Friday deals, but there was no case included. 

    It is hard to find a good one nowadays, for now at least. We found a lot of cheap junk made in China, but we want a good one, because I’m pretty certain she will drop it now and then. 

    Im happy I found your post, so I will show this to my wife, and she can buy a case right away. 

    Thanks for sharing it! 

    1. Hello Emmanuel, I am happy I could be of help. Thanks for visiting.

  7. I don’t think anyone wants to have his iPhone damaged by not duly protecting it. I’m more of a design person and just before I was liking the UAG monarch, the twinkle case caught my eye. And yes I’m not female but it’s so totally adorable. Love its shiny design,i only wonder if it gets dull after a few months of usage.

    1. Hello Louis, glad to hear that you also like the twinkle case. Its only natural that the case will begin to show signs of wear and tear after a while. And if that occurs you can get another with casemates limited lifetime warranty.

  8. My friend is an iPhone XS user and I know his case should be changed to a newer one. He is a bit clumsy and his phone falls down frequently (good thing the phone itself is safe, but his case started to crack).

    I am thinking about buying him one of the cases you recommend above. Personally, I think he wil like the Skyfall case, but do you know which one provide most resistance for the iPhone XS? Thank you

    1. Hello there, The Caseology Skyfall case is a good choice for your friend. This case has been droptested to military standard so your friend should be fine. It also has a limited lifetime warranty for its users in case of mishaps. All of these characteristics coupled with the fact that it has a lot of positive reviews on amazon as well will make it a great choice for your friend. But if you want something with a bit more protection! I think you should go for the Mous Limitless case. I mean the video on this post speaks volumes on how durable this case is. When it comes to durability the Caseology skyfall case is a good choice but the Mous Limitless case will have your friend with a case that is as good as indestructible. Hope i’ve been able to help out. 

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